Vaux is synonymous with Values. The co-founders imbibe the Eastern philosophy of simple living and high thinking. This value further strengthens their vision of achieving global standards for their products. We, at Vaux, aim to be equal partners to passionate Indian cyclists who aspire to rip their way to experiential cycling. Vaux Bicycles belong to a premium category that conceptualizes before manufacturing, imagines before executing and tests before innovating. 

Narrowing the gap between functionality and bike art, Vaux strikes the fine balance for bicycling enthusiasts. We understand that while on the track, you may want a leisurely tempo or set a time trail. Vaux ensures that your urban bicycle, with its add-ons, serves your myriad dreams and desires. For, we want to be your “turn” as you experience your bike adventure!  

Our Motto - To Architect Your Adventure

Our Vision and Values may drive us, but our Process and Practice sustain us. We, at Vaux, are as methodical as we are meticulous. When your eyes encounter an elegant appearance in Vaux Bicycles, know that they are a result of a stringent QDR ritual.


For the perfectionists in us, once is not enough. We have to test our bicycles thrice over. We are rigorous at our end so that what reach you are products that are uncompromised on their strength and quality. Flawless bikes for your fun rides! 


We don’t want you to rely on Vaux Bicycles alone, we want you to rely on the Vaux People as well. We are your fellow travellers and Vaux has easy and accessible ways to reach out to our customer service experts. To be the Trustworthy Trailblazers Together!


Be it drafting behind a rider or soaring in a solo Superman act, Vaux Bicycles shall be your ever durable choice. Using the most resilient steel and aluminium, we design durability in our engineering. To Cease Your Cycling Cares! 

The brand lives on values of Speed, Simplicity, and Trust.

Vaux is proud to say that it has versatile and diverse cycling partners in the country. All cyclists bring with them the needs of their terrain and we pride ourselves in catering to them all. We adapt and adopt for you because we are all about YOU! 


All roads to success are marked by the speed of the biker. We, at Vaux, embrace speed as a prerequisite and do not deter from our pace once we have put the wheels in motion. We race against time so that we can outrun excellence! 


It is the simpler maps that promise desired destinations. At Vaux, simplicity is the preferred path- when we think of ideas or when we plan our processes. We pursue simplicity as it is the surest way to success. 


To travel together, one must trust the other. We, at Vaux, understand the bond of trust that a customer seeks and we travel the extra mile to make it happen. We accompany trust as we find it the only way to journey together! 

With Vaux, You don’t just Enjoy Cycling, You Experience it!

Meet the Team

He is not a businessman but an innovator and a visionary. As a true leader, he inspires ideas and all things imaginative at Vaux. He embraces the principle of philanthropy, which allows him to put goodwill before profits. He has an inexhaustible quest for knowledge, which never stops the wheel of innovation at Vaux.

Khozema Kalmuwala

Founder Promoter

He designs and optimizes the numbers game for and at Vaux. He worships at the altar of ethics and exemplifies how business can be an ethical enterprise that inspires trust, loyalty and partnership. He dreams through the fabric of math and strategizes through the maze of money. Yet, he is not self-indulgent and rather embraces the simple, grounded life.

Zoher Kalmuwala

Co-founder Promoter

He is an institution by himself. Having led corporations for three decades, he understands that customer satisfaction is the K constant of a successful brand. His customer obsession has become infectious at Vaux. He is now engaged in thought leadership as a faculty member at leading B-schools in the country. He is the ideal and the most sought after mentor at Vaux who ignites passion and perfection simply by being his own exemplary self. Check him out on: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saifuddinkapasi

Saifuddin Kapasi

Business Head

Disciplined and diligent with a magnetic personality, he is a force to reckon with. A chemical engineer by qualification, a cyclist by passion and a process wizard by practice! In his professional role, he brings in the right balance by bridging the gap between the operational process and the delivered product. He manages human resources, inventory and the supply chain with equal ease- a testimony to his versatility.

Mustafa Vora

Functional Head Production & Quality

Delving into the digital and sales spaces, he helps create a noticeable brand presence for Vaux. He is the digital demigod at Vaux who keeps pushing the envelope and almost always surpasses the set targets. He is the tour de force at board meetings because questions are his pet peeves. It is this very inquisitive nature that drives him to seek bold and radical solutions. For in his track, there can be no roadblock!

Mustafa Dhanerawala

Functional Head Business Development

Intricate Expert! An eye for detail and passion to create bicycle, overseas industry experience of over 3 decades. The Creative mind of Vaux who innovates and puts life into drawing board creativity to machine output.

Collaboration Partner & Advisor

Xu Weiguo